Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Management: India, China, Latin America, South Africa and Germany

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„When staying abroad we learn not so much about the foreign
land rather than about ourselves. “(Roger Peyrefitte)

For Managers and Employees as well as for Experts in Developement Work

List of available training modules:

1. Information about the Country

  • Geography and Climate
  • Politics, Economy, History
  • Society und Religion

2. Cultural Standards

  • Typical German versus typical Indian or Latin American.
  • Multi-tasking versus doing one Thing at a Time
  • Direct Communication versus indirect Communication
  • Individualism versus Collectivism
  • Conflict confrontation versus conflict avoidance

3. Successful Negotiations

  • Phases in a Negotiation and Negotiation Strategy
  • Importance of Contracts
  • Businessetiquette

4. Staff Management

  • Multicultural Teamwork
  • Understanding the different Positions and the Hierarchy
  • Motivation of Staff
  • Conflict Management

5. Communication

  • Differences in Communication Styles
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • „Putting your foot in it“ and Taboos

6. Training and Know-How Transfer

  • The Role of the Trainer
  • Expectations towards the Trainer
  • Presentation

7. Working in Germany

  • Organizing everyday life
  • The Role of Leadership and understanding it
  • Interacting with Colleagues
  • Conflict Management

 8. Studying in Germany

  • German Cultural Standards
  • Expectations the Student will face
  • Common Problems and Solution Strategies

The contents of the seminar will be developed as needed and can be held one-to-one or in groups. We offer these seminars in German, Spanish and English.

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