Dr. phil. Wolfgang Zimmermann

  • Residing in Leipzig
  • Studied Geography, Political Science and Pedagogy in Göttingen and London
  • PhD: Empirical study on socio-economic changes of bedouin societies under the influence of oil money (Musandam/Sultanate of Oman)
  • 30 years of experience in international cooperation with GTZ, UN-DTCD, DSE, InWEnt and GIZ (i.e as director of the International Centers of DSE/InWEnt in Leipzig-Zschortau and Feldafing/Starnberger See) – always with the focus on training / strategic human resource development
  • Extended work experience in Arabian countries of the Gulf (in particular Oman and UAE with the focus on regional and rural community development, vocational training), Central America (in particular Honduras, focus on education and training in agriculture and forestry), East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, focus on training in wildlife and national park management), Romania (focus on rural and agricultural development).

Seminar languages: German, English and Spanish